Bye-bye Bushtec

The last tour with the Bushtec turbo :-(
...and pictures of the second one, a Turbo II and the NEWEST one.. a Genesis :-)

The Bushtec Turbo had to be sold to get fonds to buy a new one for the summer vacation in the USA. The buyer had arranged a friend to bring it home to Troendelag and I would meet him in Egersund where he should drive in a sprint race for cars.
The day was lovely for this 100 mile trip, so I had to find a good place to take the last photos of the PC 800 with the Bushtec Turbo

And here it is ready for loading into his bus. I'll hope that Bjoern Arve with his GoldWing will enjoy it as much as I have done !!

The first picture of the New 1996 Bushtec Turbo +2, bought in Alabama, USA

It is as new, produced September 23,1996, never been registred and has all the options I ever would want, a total of 21 ! This is a list of the accessories taken from the Customer Order Specifications : Spoiler Style Lid, 3rd Brake light in spoiler lid, Two-Tone color coordinated, Stone Protector (Bra), Lightbar bumper, Full Interior Carpet, Luggage Rack, Daytona Wing for Luggage Rack, Garment Bag, Map & Document Pouch, Large Storage Pouch, Mag Wheels, Mag Hubcaps, Interior Light, Cooler Package, Chrome Chassis Neck, Chrome Retractable Tongue Stand and Hitch Pin Adaptor (locking)

Empty Weight: 125 lbs. (52 Kg.) GAWR: 350 lbs. (145,8 Kg.)

After it was painted , not exactly 100 % match to 1989 PC 800 colors, I sold it in June 2002. Why ?.... because I found this one for sale on a auction site in Germany and bought it and collected it there in July 2002....

a 1998 model Bushtec Genesis, "the Lexus of trailers"

this one is a bit larger than the Turbo II, but sleeker and I think it fits the shape of the PC 800 better.

I have finally found a 100 % match of the 89 PC 800 colors, so it will be painted a.s.a.p. !! It is nice in 98 Honda GW candy spectra red too though !! I have also installed a Electrical Connections remote controled camber adjuster so the wheels can be aligned when riding...just pushing one button for letting air out and another button for inflate the suspension.... Link: