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I was so lucky to get a friend of a friend to travel to the Lady and survey the bike.
This is his rapport:

Checked out the bike today. All of the fairings are there and the bike is in very good condition.
Rubber looked good for your trip. Engine started after some coaxing. (it had been winterized) but settled down to a smooth 1100rpm. There is some minor crazing of the trunklid on the side car but
fibreglass, upholstery & paint looked excellent. Steeringhead seemed nice & tight, brake rotors ok, couldn't see the pads.(dark shed). She had the belts replaced in 1990 or 91 and has a complete service record for the bike.
Only problem was that the headlight didn't work (once). After some wiggling of some wires inside the tank near the fuse block and turning the switch several times the lights worked. This could be due to the fact that it hadn't been used since May 31 1999. The accessory lightsm(there are 4 sets) did not work at all.
She said that they haven't been used for several years as she used it mostly during daylight hours. It may be something as simple as a fuse ???
All in all a very clean bike. In fact if you decide not to buy it I will.

Charley S.
West Chester PA

I read it ,thought for 5 minutes ,re-read it, and called the seller and made the deal !!

It is a fine outfit ,is'nt it ?